1/25/18 Trixie's Bar, Detroit w Racehorses Are Resources, thread duo (NYC)

1/26/18 UofM SMTD, Ann Arbor, w Gutbucket

1/27/18 UofM SMTD, Ann Arbor, Panel Discussion

2/9/18 Ghost Light, Hamtramck, w Asklepius

2/23/18 Ziggy's, Ypsilanti, w HydroPark

2/25/18 Howlers, Pittsburgh, PA w/Mortis, Thousandzz of Beez

1/11/18 PJ's Lagerhouse, Detroit w Honeybabe, Ahmi, White Bee

12/15/17 Korner Bar, Hamtramck w Summer Like The Season, Circument, Lime Rickey Intl

11/27/17 The Crofoot, Pontiac w Mooses

11/12/17 Art In, Madison, WI

11/11/17 Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI 

10/13/17 Encore Records, Ann Arbor

09/17/17 Sonic Circuits Music Festival, Washington, D.C., Rhizome

07/08/17 Trinosophes, Detroit w Jonah Parzen-Johnson, David Shettler

07/07/17 UFO FACTORY, Detroit w Sterling Toles, Tarpit, Party Days

06/16/17 A2 Distillery, Ann Arbor w Talking Ear

06/13/17 Kelly's, Detroit w Five Pound Snap, Kissing Is A Crime, Bogart

06/11/17 Brillobox, Pittsburgh w Alan Licht, Landmark Tongues

06/08/17 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor w The Estar Cohen Project, Honey Monsoon, Tetra

06/03/17 UFO Factory, Detroit w She-Devils

05/20/17 Andy, Detroit w "Pillars of Decay" and David Shettler

05/13/17 Marble Bar, Detroit w Gaelynn Lea and Libby Decamp

03/30/17 El Club, Detroit w Xiu Xiu and You.

03/11/17 Ann Arbor, [secret show]

03/05/17 Pittsburgh, Howler's Coyote Cafe

03/03/17 Pawtucket, Machines with Magnets

03/02/17 Brooklyn, Shapeshifter Lab

03/01/17 Brooklyn, The Glove

02/28/17 Baltimore, The Bun Shop

02/27/17 Charlottesville, Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

02/26/17 Fredericksburg, University of Mary Washington

02/25/17 Washington, DC, Rhizome, presented by Sonic Circuits 

02/24/17 Cincinnati, Golden Mean Arts

02/23/17 Ann Arbor, The Blind Pig

02/17/17 Ann Arbor, The Neutral Zone

02/04/17 Detroit, Trixie's

01/13/17 Ann Arbor, The Blind Pig