"saajtak live smelts its sonic influences into a maelstrom almost orchestral in nature and theatrical in its depth." - Sonic Circuits (Washington, D.C.) 
"Detroit band saajtak’s music is a wild trip: angular, ambient, full of fusion rhythms — like the good fusion, maybe early Return To Forever with Musicmagic-era RTF —proggy and the explorations are worthwhile." - Collector (Pittsburgh) 
"Easily one of the most original, captivating live bands I've seen in a long time...Witnessing the group fuse their powers together and lock into their form of magic is nothing short of astounding.  I just can't even imagine how their songs and performances come together." - Paul Simpson, Music Director at WCBN-FM
"Saajtak brings meaning to each moment as they perform - effervescent, ethereal, and completely drool-worthy. One of our favorite bands in SE Michigan." - Detroit Bureau of Sound
"They call pop music escapist sometimes... But this is a whole other kind of escape... From whatever you need sanctuary from, be it "the norm," or status quo structures, or just unfocused thinking... saajtak shakes you up." - Jeff Milo, Deep Cutz
"Funky glitch jazz, with soaring expression-vocals. Fist-in-glove-tight rhythm section, and dazzling keyboard work with a wide range of sonic textures. This band has just begun to take flight, and I expect them to grow as they go. Don't miss Saajtak if you've a chance to see them live!" - Jim Dwyer, co-owner Encore Records, Ann Arbor