Standing Room Only Presents: saajtak


"Their experience and willingness to meet the traditional with the interdisciplinary is what makes the band so hard to pin down...This is a group who in style have mastered the art of pulling a rug out from under your feet, melding punk, electronic, jazz and choral with an innately physiological experience." - The Michigan Daily

 Photo by Zachary Zweifler

Photo by Zachary Zweifler

Detroit metro Times: interview


"Polyrhythmic grooves, effervescent textures, operatic vocals — these are just some of the building blocks of saajtak. When combined, the atmosphere is nothing short of explosively haunting — a miasma of emotive force and unpredictable compositions." - Metro Times


"saajtak live smelts its sonic influences into a maelstrom almost orchestral in nature and theatrical in its depth." - Sonic Circuits (Washington, D.C.) 

"Detroit band saajtak’s music is a wild trip: angular, ambient, full of fusion rhythms — like the good fusion, maybe early Return To Forever with Musicmagic-era RTF —proggy and the explorations are worthwhile." - Collector (Pittsburgh) 

 Photo by Miles Larson

Photo by Miles Larson

Interview : Saajtak

Detroit Music Magazine


"The group [is comprised of] four members, each of whom can be described as an inventive composer and vehement performer. With their combined forces, saajtak are nothing if not unpredictable, bobbing between feverish noise and lush, operatic soundscapes with the agility of a hummingbird. Needless to say, we were intrigued, so we connected with the band to try and make sense of it all." - Joe Zimmer

"Easily one of the most original, captivating live bands I've seen in a long time...Witnessing the group fuse their powers together and lock into their form of magic is nothing short of astounding.  I just can't even imagine how their songs and performances come together." - Paul Simpson, Music Director at WCBN-FM

"Saajtak brings meaning to each moment as they perform - effervescent, ethereal, and completely drool-worthy. One of our favorite bands in SE Michigan." - Detroit Bureau of Sound

 Image by Simon Alexander-Adams/saajtak

Image by Simon Alexander-Adams/saajtak

Spokes EP Review

The Answer is in the beat


"Songs like “The Keeper” are just pure mysticism. “Spokes” is more jazzy and chaotic, with synths approximating tapes rewinding at hyperspeed, and Koi’s vocals nearly lapsing into spoken word over the tumbling, crashing drums. Best of all is “Underscore [ _ ]”, a truly brilliant piece with haunting vocals and splattery, drum’n’bass-like rhythms.." - Paul Simpson

"They call pop music escapist sometimes... But this is a whole other kind of escape... From whatever you need sanctuary from, be it "the norm," or status quo structures, or just unfocused thinking... saajtak shakes you up."

- Jeff Milo, Deep Cutz

"Funky glitch jazz, with soaring expression-vocals. Fist-in-glove-tight rhythm section, and dazzling keyboard work with a wide range of sonic textures. This band has just begun to take flight, and I expect them to grow as they go. Don't miss Saajtak if you've a chance to see them live!"

- Jim Dwyer, co-owner Encore Records, Ann Arbor

 Photo by Peaks Media

Photo by Peaks Media

Two Shows you need to see this week

Current Magazine


"...Then, for some more variety, there’s Saajtak, a Detroit-based quartet fissuring acid jazz and noise-experimentaion, glitch-heavy post-rock skews and mesmeric voice-modulations Mobius-stripping in these eerie/dreamy intonations..." - Jeff Milo